“Morris Kagan is a photographer with the skills and experience to handle any subject he encounters. His well varied works include motion picture stills, landscapes, portraits, sports, people, animals, products, Holocaust survivors and their families just to name a few. His work speaks for itself, but what you can’t gather from these shots is what a pleasure Morris is to work with. He’s a consummate professional with a great attitude and that’s hard to find these days.  He’s the real deal.”
-Dan Kneece, President, Society of Motion Picture Camera Operators

“Unlike many other photographers and artists, [Morris] possesses the ability to direct his eye to the exact
moment of perfection and not only create that image in his mind, but transfer that to his camera and to the
final product is, dare I use the word, astounding.”
- Stuart R. Simpson, Owner, Stuart Fine Art Gallery

“I adore Morrie Kagan’s photography. It explodes with the joy of life. There is vitality to his landscapes and his rich, bold printing that makes me want to celebrate.”
- Robert Primes, Director of  Photography, Executive Board, American Society of Cinematographers

“To me, he is also the greatest photographer I have ever met, the Michelangelo of photography.”

- Professor Cornelius Schnauber, Director, Max Kade Institute, University of Southern California